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Department of Technology

Construction Management

Construction ManagementThe Construction Management major was designed with input from contractors and professionals in the construction industry. This ensures that the graduates meet the requirements of this important industry.

The construction management program is conceptually based, it demands students possess a strong understanding of math and science, business, architecture, engineering, liberal arts and construction science, along with the interrelationships between these disciplines.

All of these areas of study, coupled with summer work experience in the construction industry, prepare graduates for entry level positions in the construction industry. Graduates can handle marketing, financing, computer applications and decision making, as well as construction operations and procedures in a variety of office and field settings.

Students and faculty in the Construction Management program at the University of Northern Iowa are proud of various aspects of our major. Class sizes are small, which provides an atmosphere to become a close knit group and build relationships with peers and faculty.

An especially exciting component to the construction management program is the adjunct-professors, they give us the opportunity to learn from professionals who are active in the industry on a daily basis. The Construction Management curriculum also provides us the opportunity to acquire a minor in Business Concepts or Real Estate with relative ease.


The major goals of the construction management program are to develop students' : managerial knowledge so they can make sound decisions and implement them on a prudent economic basis; specialized knowledge in the field of construction; sense of professionalism and leadership to better the construction industry and society; abilities to think and reason logically; human understanding, communication skills and abilities to work effectively.

Student Quotes

  • "The construction management program has a group of guys that are dedicated, hard working, but also have a good time doing it." - Chad Bartlett
  • "The construction management program here at UNI provides a great family atmosphere and at the same time it provides the knowledge required to have a successful career in construction industry." - Dan Shell
  • "Why I came to UNI - The major perfectly fit the idea of what I wanted to be prepared to do when I graduated. The combination of business and construction was what I was looking for." - Adam Hahn
  • "UNI's program has opened the doors I've been knocking on." - M. Lange
  • "The small class size makes it easier to work close and get to know all the instructors." - Kyle Hansen
  • "The construction management program is a great major that prepares you for a dynamic job opportunity." - Greg Smith