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Department of Technology

Technology Co-op Information

Procedure for Involvement for Credit

1.  Go to the Career Services webpage – - click on Information for Students, then Faculty Approval Form.  Fill out the form and submit.  The Co-op office will make sure you meet all requirements for the department.  

The requirements for receiving credit in the Technology Department are listed below:

Cooperative Education is strongly recommended for all students in Technology to acquire work experience related to your intended career.  The candidate must be a declared major in the Department of Technology, of junior status with a minimum GPA of 2.5, and have at least one semester completed at UNI.  Any waiver of departmental requirements requires the approval of the coordinator of the major, the departmental co-op supervisor and the department head.  Student will fill out the Faculty Approval Form on-line and submit it. If UNI GPA is under 2.5, Department Head will approve or deny.  The faculty co-op supervisor is:  Dr. Sara Smith.  Credit is earned for 80 clock hours of work experience equaling one semester hour of credit. 

Major Elective; Graded. 3 hour maximum per semester.  (5/08)

Graphic Technologies: A Co-op is required for at least 3 SH for students receiving the BA degree in the major.  Eligibility includes meeting the departmental requirements, as stated above, plus completion of a minimum of 11 semester hours of Graphic Technology technical courses, one of which must be TECH 1055. 

Required Major Credit; Graded basis.  (5/08)

Manufacturing Technology: University/General Elective; Graded basis (5/08)

Major Credit; Graded basis for the first placement. 

Succeeding placements may be on a Credit/No Credit basis or Graded basis.  (5/08)

Technology Management:  University/General Elective; Technical Elective; Graded basis (5/08) 

Construction Management:  University/General Elective; Graded basis (5/08)

Electrical Engineering Technology:  University/General Elective; Graded basis (5/08)
Technology Education:  University/General Elective; Graded basis.  (5/08)

2.  After you have submitted the Faculty Approval Form and meet all the requirements, you will receive an email instructing you to call the Co-op Office at 273.6041 to make an appointment with a Career Services staff member to begin your paperwork (please wait to receive the email before making the appointment with Career Services).  If you already have a position for your co-op, you need to fill out the Co-op Agreement for Credit if you wish to receive credit hours for your co-op.  The Co-op Agreement for Credit can be found at

3. After your appointment with Career Services, take a copy of the Co-op Agreement for Credit to the Technology Department’s Co-op Coordinator, Dr. Sara Smith. Dr. Smith will sign the form and give it to the department head for a signature as well. From there it will be sent  to the Co-op Office and once the Co-op office receives it, you will be registered.  An administrative fee of $15 will be charged.


4.  Begin employment and complete course requirements as specified by the course syllabus.

Cooperative Education Contacts:

Department of Technology:
(319) 273-2746
ITC 38 0178

Coop/internship program:
Julie Grosse, Co-op Secretary
102 Gilchrist

Option for no credit