Department of Technology

Technology Co-op Information

Procedure for Involvement for Credit

Click HERE for the Career Services webpage

1. Locate and secure a position.

2. Complete the Internship Registration:

  • Login to the Job Board
  • Go to My Account
  • Select "Internship Registration"
  • Select Add New Experience, complete and submit.

3. Schedule a meeting with Career Services to review registration and speak about next steps.

4. After meeting with Career Services, obtain your faculty supervisor and department head signatures for any credit class.

5. Return all paperwork to Career Services in Gilchrist Hall 102.

Procedure for Option for no credit (please talk to advisor if you wish to do this option)

The requirements for receiving a 0 Credit Transcript Notation are below: while not providing academic credit, this transcript notation provides a permanent documentation that the University recognized the internship as professional work experience in the student's field of study.  The notation does not count toward graduation requirements but may help students maintain “full-time” student status for medical insurance and to prevent student loans from coming due.  International students may find this option helpful in maintaining legal VISA status if their internship is related to their field of study and the position is endorsed by UNI’s International Student Advisor.  A Career Services administrative charge of $15 is associated with seeking the notation. 

  • There is no tuition charge, minimum GPA requirement, or academic project.
  • Complete required University or employer/organization forms, including a post-experience evaluation.
  • Notify Career Services if you consider dropping the notation.  Keep the employer/organization and Career Services informed about any changes in your program or intentions. 
  • Work at least 50 hours in the internship in order to receive a transcript notation.

To set up the necessary paperwork (Transcript Notation Co-op Agreement form) it is necessary to meet with a Career Services staff person.  The student’s employer/organization will also be required to sign and date this form.  The Agreement is never retroactive for a previous semester or term.  The form for 0 Credit Transcript Notation can be found at the web address mention in number 1 above.

The requirements for receiving Co-Op credit in the Department of Technology are listed below:

Cooperative Education is strongly recommended for all students in Technology to acquire work experience related to your intended career.  The candidate must be a declared major in the Department of Technology, of junior status with a minimum GPA of 2.5, and have at least one semester completed at UNI.  Any waiver of departmental requirements requires the approval of the coordinator of the major, the departmental co-op supervisor and the department head.  Student will fill out the Faculty Approval Form on-line and submit it.  If UNI GPA is under 2.5, Department Head will approve or deny.  The faculty co-op supervisor is: Dr. Sara Smith.  Credit is earned for 80 clock hours of work experience equaling one semester hour of credit. 

Cooperative Education Contacts:

Department of Technology:
(319) 273-2746
ITC 38 0178

Coop/internship program:
Julie Grosse, Co-op Secretary
102 Gilchrist