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Collecting badges: Metal casting receives visit from Boy Scout Troop 38

Posted on Friday, November 10th, 2017
Boy Scouts Metal Casting Boy Scouts Project
(Left) UNI faculty, staff & students pictured with Boy Scout Troop 38 from Monona, Iowa.  (Right) Photos of the final castings.

The University of Northern Iowa (UNI) metal casting program, in conjunction with UNI American Foundry Society (AFS) Student Chapter, welcomed the Boy Scouts Troop 38 from Monona, Iowa to campus on Saturday, Nov. 4th.  During this event, the troop participants earned their metal working badge by completing the requirements mandated by the Boy Scouts. 

Requirement for the badge is a lab activity that demonstrates the cold working and annealing process.  In this exercise, the scouts deformed a brass sample by reducing the section thickness by one-half.  Using the hardness in the UNI Department of Technology, the boy scouts observed how the hardness increased during cold work and then returned to their original values when placed in a heat treat furnace to perform the annealing process.  In addition to this badge requirement, the boy scouts observed the tensile test to measure the properties of a high strength steel.

The highlight of the workshop was the casting exercise.  Sand printed molds of a dutch oven lid was created at the UNI Additive Manufacturing Center.  The mold printing technique customized the lid to include the Boy Scout logo, troop number, and town.  As the cast iron was being prepared by the Metal Casting Center (MCC) staff, the AFS Student Chapter helped the scouts learn how to make molds using the green sand molding process.  This allowed the scouts to learn about the casting process along with their metal working badge requirements.  The scouts then cast their molds, along with the 3D printed sand molds.

For more information on the UNI metal casting program, visit this link.