Department of Technology

Construction Management


Construction students working in industry.

The Construction Management curriculum at UNI was designed with input from contractors from around the state of Iowa and across the nation to provide a conceptually-based program focused on teaching the future leaders of a fast-paced construction world.  This ensures that graduates meet the requirements of this important industry.

Students in this program build skills in the areas of math and science, business, architecture, engineering, liberal arts and construction science, along with the interrelationships between these disciplines.  Coupled with summer work experience in the construction industry, graduates are prepared for entry level positions in the construction industry. Graduates can handle marketing, financing, computer applications and decision making, as well as construction operations and procedures in a variety of office and field settings.

Course sizes remain small, providing a personal atmosphere of team-building and the opportunity to build relationships with peers and faculty.

An especially exciting component to the construction management program is the adjunct-professors, they give us the opportunity to learn from professionals who are active in the industry on a daily basis. The Construction Management curriculum also provides us the opportunity to acquire a minor in Business Concepts or Real Estate with relative ease.