Department of Technology

Department of Technology Advisory Board

The University of Northern Iowa Department of Technology utilizes an extremely diverse Advisory Board to aid in the development and culture of all nine programs within the department.  These advisory board members boast a wealth of knowledge across public and private sectors of business and industry and actively engage the UNI community by supporting student activities, mentoring faculty, and supporting strategic planning of the department.


The Department of Technology Advisory Council (Adv. Council) is an advisory group that supports the Department of Technology’s strategic direction.  Support includes counsel on curricula, strategic planning, facilities, student enrollment and recruitment, student & graduate opportunities, and finances.  Strategic direction includes the departmental programs within the Department of Technology, the Department of Technology’s (Department) alignment with the College of Humanities Arts & Sciences and the University of Northern Iowa (UNI).  The Adv. Council also ensures curricula are appropriate and effective in meeting the needs of industry and society.  

Minutes from past Department of Technology Advisory Board meetings (opens as .pdf document):

Minutes from April 7th, 2017

Upcoming meeting agenda:

Agenda for April 6th, 2018


Individual program Advisory Board information:

Construction Management
Electrical Engineering Technology
Graphic Technologies
Manufacturing Engineering Technology
Technology & Engineering Education
Technology Management
Graduate Programs

UNI Department of Technology Advisory Board roster:
  • Kris Einsweiler, Chairperson, John Deere Waterloo Works
  • Melanie Abbas, University of Northern Iowa
  • Mike Arringdale, Sauer Danfoss
  • ​Steven Baldwin, Viking Pump
  • Kurk Barker, BlackHawk Engineering
  • Brad Baumler, Concrete Technologies, Inc.
  • Douglas Bechthold, John Deere
  • Michael Boomer, John Deere
  • Mark Bradley, ATEK Metal Technologies, LLC.
  • David Brandstetter, Kirkwood Community College
  • Logan Bredesky, The Baker Group
  • Nick Bruns, John Deere
  • Robert Brus, Rockwell Collins
  • ​David Burger, Associated Materials Incorporated
  • Aaron Card, KcKena Pro Imaging
  • Ryan Cawelti, John Deere
  • ​Tim Conlon, Conlon Construction Co.
  • Jon Cornick, Color FX
  • Brian Deveries, K&W Electric
  • Mike Douglas, Harrison Truck Centers
  • Shelly Dutler, American Foundry Society
  • Jeremy Eastman, Carpenter Brothers
  • Larry Erickson, Hawkeye Community College
  • Larry Escalada, University of Northern Iowa Science Education - Physics
  • Travis Frush, University of Northern Iowa Metal Casting Center
  • Josh Gerbig, Viking Pump
  • John Grahek, Clow Valve
  • David Grunklee, Hawkeye Community College
  • Darrin Gillette, Peters Construction Corp.
  • Jamie Fettkether, Lockard Construction, Inc.
  • Josh Flack, TACNET Productions
  • Matt Frandsen, Keep Project Solutions
  • Wayne Frost
  • Tom Fulcher, Master Builders of Iowa
  • Shane Geiselhart, Story Construction
  • John Grahek, Clow Valve
  • Steve Hanschilt, Graham Construction
  • Bob Hansen, RRDonnelly Company
  • Mark Hasek, Graham Construction
  • Bill Holland, JB Holland Construction, Inc.
  • Jon Holmen, McGough
  • ​Latricia Hylton, University of Northern Iowa
  • Nick Jorgensen, John Deere
  • Kevin Keen, Emerson/Fisher
  • Kelly Kerns, Fairmount Minerals
  • Dan Kester, Marshalltown Company
  • Jim Kiesey, Estes Construction
  • Jeffry Klein, John Deere
  • Mark Lane, American Color Imaging
  • Rick Lockhart, Terracon Consultants, Inc.
  • Blake Larson
  • Brad Leonard, Septagon
  • Joseph Little, John Deere
  • Ralph Longus
  • ​Tyler Malsom, Doerfer
  • ​Jim McClatchey, Strategic Imaging, Inc.
  • ​Mike McCoy, ACI Mechanical, Inc.
  • Kristie McKibben, Kirkwood Community College
  • Mark Mohr, John Deere
  • John Moyna, Moyna & Sons Construction
  • Tom Nagle, Nagle Signs
  • Paul Nathe, John Deere
  • Kathryn Nuss, Doerfer Companies
  • Darren Otte, Cedar Graphics
  • Neil Peterson, Iowa Central Community College
  • Ward Phifer, Edge Commercial Partner
  • Curtis Pike, H. Pike Construction
  • Troy Porter, Master Builders of Iowa
  • Eric Price, Mid-American Energy Holdings Company
  • Ayax Rangel, HA-International
  • Kyle Riegel, Schunk Carbon Technology
  • Sid Samuels, Samuels Group
  • Keith Sandvold, Craft-Cochran Athletics Goods
  • Steve Schilling, Fairmount Minerals
  • Marcy Seavey, University of Northern Iowa STEM
  • Chris Shoff
  • ​Greg Spenner, Associated Building Contractors of Iowa
  • ​Nick Steinkamp, K&W Electric
  • James Stevenson, Cedar Falls Utilities
  • Lynette Telleen, John Deere
  • Jerry Thiel, University of Northern Iowa Metal Casting Center
  • Matthew Thompson, Rockwell Collins
  • Tony Vieth, Vieth Construction Group
  • Steve Waldstein, Northwest Iowa Community College
  • Andy Warren, Associated General Contractors of Iowa
  • Steven Watson, University of Northern Iowa Doctor of Technology student
  • Andy Wermes, State of Iowa
  • Jonathan West, Target
  • John Williams, H. Pike Construction
  • Brent Wright, Bossard
  • ​Phil Wulfekuhle, John Deere