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Department of Technology

2000-2001 Senior Design Projects

2000-2001 Academic Year

330:174 and 330:176  EMST I and II Senior Design Projects

Joshua Willard: Solar-Tracker Update to UNI's Wind/PV Unit: Sponsored by CNS  SOAR Grant: $500.00

Lucas DeVries:  Web-based Green Power Monitoring System by Using LabView 6.0: Sponsored by CNS SOAR Grant: $480

Jason Odeyef:  Enhancement of Power Relialibity for an Industrial Substation: Sponsored by CFU, JD, and CNS SOAR Grant of $320.00

Jeremy Scherbring: Real-Time Electrical Power Monitoring and Power Quality Improvement: Sponsored by Nestle USA, and CNS SOAR Grant of $395.00

Josh Fox and Adam Suby:  Investigation of Analog and Digital Sensors used in ERngine Controls of JD Tractors: Sponsored by John Deere PEC.

All these projects are under progress and project details and pictures will be available here soon!
For more information please contact Dr. R. Pecen