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Department of Technology


330:174  & 330:176  Senior Design I/II Projects - Advisor Dr. R. Pecen 

Bryan Anfinson, Chad Boudreaux, Dave Dusanek, Mark Nelson:  UNI Fiber-Glass Solar e-Boat Design and Implementation to promote Eco-friendly boat technologies in Iowa Lakes and Rivers, >Sponsors:  Iowa Energy Center $15,000 for 3 year, CNS SOAR Grants $1,400,  John Deere Company, UNI VP - Provost Office - IAR Funds, WBM Marine in Waterloo, Optima Batteries, Blain's Farm & Fleet, John Deere Industries, Midwest Fabrication, Rockwell Collins. 

Yes! The UNI e-Boat  REACHES  25 mph with pre-charges batteries! 

James Komen and Construction Program Senior Students: ITC Solar Powered Outdoor Alpha/Numeric LED Display Design and Implementation: Sponsors: UNI Dept of Industrial Technology, UNI CNS Soar Grant, Construction, Manufacturing, and EIET Programs, Manufacturing Lab Staff - Tim Earles and others... 

John Higby, Chad Wunderlich: Testing Feasibility of a Constant Speed Brushless DC Motor Controller,  Sponsor: Viking Pump

Neil Frerichs:Reducing Warranty Claims of Starter Relays in John Deere Tractors, Sponsor: JD

Blain Lewman: Lab-View 6.1 Instrumentation Update to UNI’s Wind/PV Unit for Green Power Monitoring , Sponsor: CNS  SOAR Grant.

Matt Meyers:  Electronics Controlled Conveyor System Update to JD Donald Street Manufacturing Plant,  Sponsor: JD

Dan Gross: Operation Reduce Waranty Claims in Resistors used in JD Engine Control Systems, Sponsor: JD

For more information please contact Dr. R. Pecen