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Department of Technology

Pedal Powered Canoe

By:  Cory Cvrk, Denny Duello (entrepreneur,  Vinton, Iowa)  and Dr. R. Pecen.

Problem Definition:

In design and implementation of a pedal powered canoe:

  • Fixture must be lightweight.
  • Fixture must harness rotary leg motion in the  confines of the canoe.
  • Fixture must afford single handed steering.
  • Fixture must be portable.

 With the following design outcomes:

  • Lightweight bicycle tubing used for frame.
  • Bicycle mechanisms transmit power.
  • A rudder provides steering.
  • Fixture is clamped into and out of canoe.
Project Goals:

Design and construct a fixture that would enable physically disabled persons to enjoy canoeing.

Project Accomplishments:

Pedal Powered Canoeing enables an alternative means of powering a canoe which adapts the canoe to the person.
Cost reduction methods resulted in budget savings.
Project completed on time.

Pedal Powered Canoe