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Department of Technology

More Projects


  •  Design and development of a Computer Monitored Fluorescent Lighting Display Sponsored by Cooper Lighting Lab, Chicago, $25,000
  • Design and Installation of a Wind Energy Data Collection System for Waverly & Sprit Lake Wind Gen. Sites,  Sponsored by Midwest Energy Program, $25,000
  • Design and Conversion of a Conveyor Control to PLC, sponsored by IBP, Waterloo, IA
  • Solar Electric Boat Design and attending International Solar Splash 99 Race: Brent Maitland, Marty Topping, Ayman ElSawy, $12,000, Sponsors: Iowa Energy Center,   Siemens  Solar,  UNI Dept. of Industrial Technology, CFU, CNS Dean's SOAR Award.
  • Chris Elder: Converting  of an old style manual control of a grinder machine to  PLC control in power eng. Manufacturing Corp.
  • Clair Franzen, Mike Frank, Aaron Wood: Redesign of a Rockwell Power Distribution panel, Sponsored by Rockwell-Collins, Inc.
Solar Boat Freq Drives
PLC control IT Day