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Research & Design Projects

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Senior Design Projects, Please check out the news coverage on Cullen Hall and Neil Franchois
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Senior Design Projects during 1999-2000 academic year under the supervision of Dr. R. Pecen and Dr. M. Timmerman:

Maximum Solar Energy Generating and Monitoring System by Seth Cross
An Eco Friendly Mobility Assistance Project for Disabled People by Michael Swift and Chris Johnson
Pedal Powered Canoeying by Cory Cvrk

All of these projects are awarded by CNS Dean's SOAR grants with a total amount of $3,500.
We greatly thank the College of Natural Sciences for their support!

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Institutions conducting wind/solar research programs and working with industry partner include the following:

Alternative Energy Institute
West Texas A&M University University of Colorado
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Montana State University
Chemical Engineering Department New Mexico State University
Southwest Technology Development Institute
Ohio State University
Aero and Astronautical Research Oregon State University
Mechanical Engineering Department
Southwestern Technical College, MN Tenessee State University
Tennessee Technological University
Department of Mechanical Engineering University of Arizona
AME Department
University of Massachusetts
Renewable Energy Research Laboratory University of Northern Iowa
Department of Technology
Electro-Mechanical Systems Program
University of Texas, El PAso
Mechanical Engineering Department University of Utah
Mechanical Engineering Department

(Published in Wind and Solar Power Systems by Patel, CRC Press, pp. 324-325.)

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