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Department of Technology

Alumni Testimonials

"I am very pleased with the skills that I gained with the applications of hydraulics, electronics, and mechanics. This hands on education gave me a jump start ahead of the Electrical and Mechanical Engineers that spent all of their time in college at lectures."

–Chad Boudreaux "UNI Wrestler", Spring 2002 Graduate
Port Engineer, Bean Dredging, New Orleans, LA

"Although the gear and lobe pumps that Viking produces are primarily a mechanical technology, we have to work very closely with electrical technologies. These include both AC and DC motors, VFD drives, pressure and temperature transducers, motor speed pickups, and power load monitors. My strong education has helped me bridge the gap between these mechanical and electrical technologies."

–Chad Wunderlich, Fall 2002 graduate
Application Engineer, Viking Pump Incorporated, Cedar Falls, Iowa

"The program that I graduated from helped prepare me for the tasks that I am tackling today being an electrical engineer. The hands on labs that the department presents is something that each student needs to fully participate in and comprehend. These are the labs that are the stepping stones to each student may be doing. Coherent professors who can relate ideas and concepts to students are essential for students to comprehend the various fields of study in electronics. My advisor has done a very nice job of helping to develop and accelerate the EMS program in part by pushing students towards new horizons demonstrated in part by the various senior design projects that have been presented to the university."

–David Dusanek, Spring 2002 graduate
Electrical systems engineering division, Rawson Control Systems Inc., Oelwein, Iowa

"I am very pleased with how the program provided me with many of the tools I have needed to perform my job efficiently and expediently. The EMS program at UNI provided me with the wide knowledge base needed to undertake all aspects of my chosen career."

–Ms. Jennifer Pershing, Summer 1991 graduate
Airway Transportation System Specialist, Federal Aviation Administration at the Eastern Iowa Airport in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

"Working on EMS projects with fellow student members was a very fun and learning experience. The projects taught me how to work and solve through real world situations, that may be encountered in every day work applications."

–Mr. Steve Ernst, Electrical Design Engineer, Spring 99 Graduate
GMT Corporation, Special Machinery, Waverly, Iowa

"Through UNI's EMS program I was able to develop my problem solving skills that I use daily in my career. To date, I have been involved with over $750,000 worth of expansion projects that have increased the capacity of my assembly line over 200%. The experience and knowledge I learned through EMS was a key factor to the success of the projects."

–Mr. Tim Heinrich, Manufacturing Engineer, Spring 99 Graduate
Heatilator, Novus Division, Mt. Pleasent, Iowa

"The industry experience of the faculty provides substance to their teaching. Whether a method to deal with a personnel issue or a production line flow problem, the real life application is shown, not just the theory from a text book."

–Mr. Clair Franzen, Production Test Engineer, Collins Custom Test Equipment, Fall 2000 Graduate
Rockwell-Collins Inc., Air Transport Systems, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

"As a Metallurgical Technician at John Deere Engine Works I oversee induction heating processes. As the processor I must have an understanding of the machine operation which involves basic AC electricity and instrumentation & controls. The EMS program at UNI taught me those valuable skills through classroom training and hands on laboratory experiments. The EMS program is an excellent program and I would recommend it to anyone interested in both electronics and mechanics."

–Mr. Michael J. Johnson, 1997 graduate
Metallurgical Technician, John Deere Engine Works

"UNI's EMS program does a great job directing students in the right direction towards a promising career in industry. With the knowledge, confidence and experience I gained through the program, I was able to use the tools I learned to land a promising career in the field of electronics."

–Mr. Chris Elder, Fall 1999 Graduate, Wire Harness Engineer
Whirlpool Corporation, St. Joseph, Michigan

"The experience I gained in Electro-Mechanical Systems major were instrumental in qualifying me for employment in facility Service Management. I use what I learned in the program daily to guide, train and facilitate personal performance."

–Mr. Walter Green, Director
Environmental Service, Servicemaster, Inc, Onalaska, Wisconsin

"Industry is becoming increasingly technical and includes ever-changing electronics and computer networked controls and interfacing with productions systems. The EMS Engineering Technology program provides solid foundation and instills the necessary skills to remain technically current."

–Mr. Tim Burrell, Spring 1999 graduate
Coordinator, Hawkeye Community College, Center for Business & Industry, Cedar Falls, Iowa

"I found my experience to be very beneficial, the hands on time in class and the high availability of special projects was key in preparing me for the working world."

–Cullen Hall, Project Manager & Field Engineer for Cooper Power Systems

"I enjoyed many of the classes in EIET, most were hands on and I feel like I have a better understanding of what we learned because of that. The professors were friendly and let you know that if you need help you can talk to them.  The classes were small enough that everyone knew everyone else's name and we all really became friends. There are extra curricular groups that you can join where you can make friends and learn something in the process.  I joined the NAIT Robotics group and it took a lot of work and dedication, but I was able to apply what I had learned and also had a blast during the competition. The senior projects were fun because you can see what other people are passionate for as well as allow you to show others the types of things that interest you.  You are given the opportunity to, within reason, make your project as big or as small as you want and learn how to better manage your projects. I was a dual undergrad student at UNI.  One major being Management Information Systems (MIS) and the other Electrical and Information Engineering Technology(EET).  I had always planned on finding a job that is more computer and MIS oriented, but I feel that the EET degree helped me better understand the electrical side of things as well as improved my programming skills with the broad range of projects we had."

–Brian Sellers, Information Technology Specialist in the College of Humanities and Fine Arts at UNI

"The Electrical and Information Engineering Technology (EET) program at UNI not only helped me develop skills in electrical engineering through class work, but provided many opportunities to expand my knowledge though several hands-on projects. I was able to further my education and go beyond the normal day-to-day homework assignments. Projects, such as the UNI Solar Boat, Mini Sumo Robots, and my Senior Design project in gas-electric hybrids, allowed me to explore new areas and provided me with a complete education."

–Michael Boomer, Senior Engineering Technician/ Engine Control Applications Engineer, John Deere Power Systems - FOCUS Engine Controls

"My time in the Electrical and Information Engineering Technology department at UNI has prepared me for the technical aspect of my career as well as exposed me to different technologies that are present in the industry today.  With the diverse class subjects I was able to fulfill multiple roles in the engineering field to broaden my horizons further." 

–Todd Lahey,  Manufacturing Electrical Engineer, Rockwell Collins, Inc.

"Transferring to UNI's EET Program was a wonderful experience. I learned skills, gained confidence, and was given opportunities that would not have been accessible at larger universities such as being a member of the intercollegiate solar boat team. After graduating in 2007, I used my education and experience from UNI to become a mechanical engineer at John Deere in Dubuque, IA."

–Ben Wagner, Finite Element Analysis Engineer, John Deere Forestry, Dubuque, IA

"UNI's EIET program has prepared me for my career by having a balance
between theory with hands on experience. So not only do you know how to do something but you know why you're doing it. UNI had great influence with my career choice because when I graduated I knew that I wanted to get a job that was not only challenging but required me to adapt to those challenges in order to succeed. When I landed a job with Clipper Windpower I was thrilled that I got a job that involved construction, computers, and the great outdoors. Being involved in wind power is a bonus because it's great having a career where I can contribute something to society."

–Matt Gansen, Commissioning Technician, Clipper Fleet Services, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

“I am very pleased with the Degree I have earned from UNI. The program has enhanced the knowledge and skills in Electrical and Information Engineering Technology and gave me a jump start for my Career and future life”

“As of right now I am working as an Inspector Engineer II “Electrical” in Saudi Aramco in the Project Inspection Engineering Unit. Right now I am working with few projects and from those projects (Ethylene Plant Project, Offshore Sea Island Instrumentation room upgrade, New Fire Station in the area replacing the old one). The program gave me all the knowledge and skills I needed for my job”

"In the End I would like to thank all the professors that have made my bright future and give a special appreciation to Dr. Pecen and Jerry Ferrel for all the help they offered me."

–Salah Hussain Al-Salah, Saudi Oil Company “Aramco” Employee, Project Inspection Engineering Unit Electrical Inspector II

"Currently I am working in Fresno, California with Kiewit Power Constructors Company.  I hired on with Kiewit in April of 2007 and have worked with them since.  The company specializes in building power plants ranging from renewable energy to coal fire.  They also work on AQCS (Analytical Quality Control Services), ethanol plants, & gasification.  As of this year, Kiewit is also the only company to have all of the certifications needed to build a nuclear power plant.  I am on my second project with Kiewit.  My first project was an AQCS for a coal fired unit in Muscatine, IA.  The project that I am currently at is a peaker plant in California.  It consist of 4 gas turbine generators and will go from 0-400 MW in ten minutes.  Kiewit is a nationwide company with branches in Canada.  It is mostly a highway & bridge construction company, but has a few divisions that specialize in industrial & commercial work." 

–Andrew Strom, Electrical Panoche Energy Center, Firebaugh, CA

"UNI's EIET program provided diverse and applicable learning experiences
which have helped me to get where I am today. My education in both
theoretical and practical areas of low and high level hardware and
software design prepared me for the level of performance I hope to
achieve for the duration of my career. Furthermore, the extracurricular
experiences such as the solar boat project gave me real world design
experience which I could directly apply to my current job.

Ryan Canfield, Controls Engineer, TDS Automation, Waverly IA