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Grafx Club


The student operated Grafx Club provides an outlet for students to touch processes within the UNI Graphic Technologies lab where they can actually produce “live” projects.

The club is populated by students in both the Graphic Technologies and graphic design programs and they handle many types of services for campus organizations needing low cost graphic products such as screen printed garments, full color posters and signage and such specialty items as imprinted coffee mugs or promotional items.


Primary considerations for students

Club is run similar to a business

                Projects are reviewed to determine needs

                                Estimating (costs of materials, labor, mark-up)


                                Timing required (is there a deadline?)


                Once project has been approved within the department

                                Work schedule is developed

                                                Number of people needed

                                                Who will lead the project?

                                                Responsibilities are distributed

                Upon completion of project

                                “Customer” is contacted

                                Project is reviewed

                                Invoice is produced for payment to the club treasury


Students get the opportunity to plan projects, handle customer service issues (estimates provided, timing discussed, and any special issues resolved), order materials needed, understand all processes involved (from concept to final finished product) and deal with problems that may arise both during and after a project is completed.