Department of Technology

Mission Statements

University Mission:

"The University of Northern Iowa is Iowa's only public university that is distinguished by its emphasis on undergraduate education. The university contributes to the development of students by providing a diverse, dynamic learning environment characterized by excellence in teaching. The university supports exemplary undergraduate programs founded on a strong liberal arts curriculum and offers a master's and selected doctoral programs that contribute to the intellectual vitality of the academic community. The University increases knowledge and promotes student growth through scholarship and service, and shares its expertise with individuals, communities and organizations."

College of Natural Sciences Mission:

"The mission of the College of Natural Sciences is to provide a quality education which will prepare students to live and work in an increasingly scientific and technological world."

Department of Industrial Technology Mission:

"Provide every student with a quality, industry current course of study designed to provide successful entry into and advancement in their chosen career.  By preparing 21st century workers we strengthen Iowa and American industry."

Industrial Technology Definition:

"The department recognizes Industrial Technology as an academic discipline focusing on knowledge of technology and complex systems used in the industrial sector, which is fundamental to performing professional, technical or managerial responsibilities."

Industrial Technology Programs:

"The Department of Industrial Technology offers a variety of programs including Construction Management, Electrical Engineering Technology, Graphic Technology, Manufacturing Technology, Technology Management, and Technology Education. At the graduate level the department offers the Master of Arts in Technology and the Doctor of Industrial Technology degrees."