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Department of Technology

Spring 2017 Technology Student and Faculty Awards

2017 Symposium Award Winners


2017 Symposium Award Winner Saeed Zaher Soleimani

Receiving an award for his, "Proof of Concept and Feasibility of Manufacturing a portable Bio-char Reactor" oralpresentation was graduate student Saeed Zaher Soleimani. Additionally, graduate student Kip Woods took a third place finish for his poster presentation on 3DPS Feature Generation in the YZ & XY Planes.

Technology Faculty Receive Research and Creative Activity Grants

   This spring, two UNI technology faculty received grants for their recent research and/or creative activities. The application process for these grants was highly competitive. Dr. Jin Zhu, a professor of Electrical Engineering Technology, received a research grant for her Preliminary Study on Brain-Machine Interfacing using an Electroencephalogram (EFG) based system, and Dr. Sadik Kuckasari, also a professor of Electrical Engineering Technology, received a research grant for his Developing Overhead Power Line Monitoring System through Augmented Reality. 


Dr. Scott Giese presents paper at the AFS Casting Congress


Dr. Scott Giese presents paper at the AFS Casting Congress

    Dr. Scott Giese, a professor in Manufacturing Technology, recently presented a Molding Division Silver Anniversary paper titled, "Review of Cast Iron Metal Penetration Defects," at the AFS Casting Congress in Milwaukee. At left, Giese presents commemorative bookends with Bonnie McElhinny (center), of Matthews Architectural Products, and Dr. Doru Stefanescu (right), an emeritus faculty member from the University of Alabama. McElhinny cast the book ends, and Stefanescu was Scott's dissertation adviser and co-author for the paper 25 years ago.