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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Congratulations to our Graduates!

Congratulations to the spring 2020 graduates of the Department of Technology at the University of Northern Iowa!

Saif Al Kaabi Manufacturing Engineering Technology   Michael Luett Construction Management
Mohammed Albasri Electrical Engineering Technology   Taylor Lujan Construction Management
Ian Alexia Electrical Engineering Technology   Jieren Mao Construction Management
Ali Alfaraj Electrical Engineering Technology   Mitchell McAleer Construction Management
Yousef Almalki Manufacturing Engineering Technology   Courtney McClaine Construction Management
Maria Alverio Manufacturing Engineering Technology   Adrianna Miller Graphic Technology
Tristan Bainum Manufacturing Engineering Technology   Paden Moore Construction Management
Michael Baker Construction Management   Samuel Munsell Construction Management
Eric Baldrige Technology & Engineering Education   Brooke Myers Technology Management
Zachary Bartolo Graphic Technology   Nikita Nayak Master's of Science in Technology
Noah Bouse Construction Management   Thaddeus Nelson Technology & Engineering Education
Jacob Buss Electrical Engineering Technology   Julia Ore Master's of Science in Technology
Theresa Carl Technology Management   Joshua Phifer Construction Management
Blake Chipera Graphic Technology   Jacob Philipsen Construction Management
Mitchell Clemens Construction Management   Colin Ralston Technology Management
Nolan Clemons Technology Management   Brett Rathe Manufacturing Engineering Technology
HaiDong Cui Master's of Science in Technology   Alex Reed Construction Management
Carter Daack Electrical Engineering Technology   Jacob Reid Technology & Engineering Education
Akaff Diam Doctor of Technology   James Reitsma Technology - B.A.S.
Noah Dobson Manufacturing Engineering Technology   Kyle Roberts Technology Management
Jordan Eischeid Graphic Technology   Joseph Sanford Construction Management
Nicholas Engel Electrical Engineering Technology   Bryon Sells Manufacturing Engineering Technology
Matthew Gardner Technology Management   Jason Setterdahl Electrical Engineering Technology
Matthew Goedken Construction Management   Brayden Shepherd Electrical Engineering Technology
Kehan Guo Electrical Engineering Technology   Charles Smith Construction Management
Haley Hackett Graphic Technology   Christopher Smith Graphic Technology
Jonathan Handley Construction Management   Joel Stephenson Electrical Engineering Technology & Technology Management
Ashley Harper Technology & Engineering Education   Ethan Stilson Construction Management
Daniel Harris Manufacturing Engineering Technology & Technology Management   Seth Thomas Manufacturing Engineering Technology & Technology Management
Tucker Hart Manufacturing Engineering Technology   Zachary Tichy Graphic Technology
Ryan Heft Construction Management   Katherine Tickal Graphic Technology & Technology Management
Aaron Hermanson Manufacturing Engineering Technology   Annebel Trumm Graphic Technology
Conner Hinckle Manufacturing Engineering Technology   Lisa Tucker Graphic Technology
Trey Hitchings Construction Management   Ryan Tystahl Construction Management
Muamer Hrustic Manufacturing Engineering Technology & Technology Management   William Valentine Construction Management
Nicholas Hyland Technology Management   Kade VanKirk Manufacturing Engineering Technology
Grant Imoehl Construction Management   Carter VonEssen Construction Management
Christopher Jackson Electrical Engineering Technology   Jillian Weber Construction Management
Jack Kersten Construction Management   Stephen Wells Electrical Engineering Technology
Andrew Kringle Technology & Engineering Education   Marisa Willenborg Graphic Technology
MacKale Laven Construction Management   Steven Willis Manufacturing Engineering Technology
Meishan Li Electrical Engineering Technology      
Eric Lietsch Technology - B.A.S.